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Adoption is one of the biggest decisions you can ever make as an adult. Deciding to take a child as your own can bring unspeakable blessings to you and your family. The process for adoption is complicated and requires a thorough and detail-oriented approach for each and every step. If you have questions about adoption or parental rights in Florida, contact N. Patterson PA for legal counsel in Winter Park and Lake Mary, FL.

I have years of experience with the adoption process and will help you navigate the necessary steps and paperwork. Call today for a free initial consultation on all of your adoption questions.

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Types of Adoption as Defined by Florida Law

From filing paperwork to attending court hearings, I will be with you every step of the way. Florida has multiple types of adoptions with different rules and steps to follow. They include:

  • Entity adoption

  • Step-parent adoption

  • Close relative adoption

  • Adult adoption

Reach out to N. Patterson PA for sound legal advice and guidance during your adoption in Winter Park or Lake Mary, FL.