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Alimony & Child Support Attorney in Lake Mary, Florida

Take Care of Yourself and Your Children After Your Divorce

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After a divorce, a spouse might require financial support before they are able to become financially stable on their own. The outcome of a divorce will determine if alimony payments must be made, how much, and how often. If you are seeking alimony or wish to refute alimony claims from your spouse, trust alimony attorney N. Patterson PA to fight for your best interests.

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Understand how Child Support Can Be Calculated

Children are deeply affected by the outcomes of a divorce. As a devoted family attorney in the Winter Park and Lake Mary, FL area, N. Patterson PA will always fight for the best interests of the children involved. Child support is a complicated issue. Florida uses a table of incomes to calculate child support payments, but the list of what can constitute income is expansive. It includes:

  • Salary or wages

  • Bonuses, commissions, and overtime

  • Disability benefits

  • Unemployment compensation

  • Pensions, retirement or annuity payments

  • Social Security

  • Rental income

These are only a few of the gross income items, and many more factors are weighed. I will help you earn your support or argue against support claims in court.