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Going through a divorce is stressful-it's an extremely emotional process, but it's also complicated and expensive. When you're separating from your spouse, you need a caring and compassionate divorce attorney by your side. Call N. Patterson PA for sound legal counsel. I take on all types of family law cases in Winter Park and Lake Mary, FL, and I serve all of Seminole and Orange County.

I will work hard to protect your interests. I can assist you with matters involving:

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  • Alimony

  • Child support

  • Legal separation

  • Adoption

  • Child custody

  • Prenuptial Agreement

  • Postnuptial Agreement

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Splitting up with your significant other is messy, especially when there are children involved. Let me help your case, for you and your children. I am knowledgeable about the extensive disagreements and delays that can occur in a divorce trial. With children, your time will be spilt, make sure you are getting the time and child custody that is rightfully yours in your divorce case.

Let me take care of your divorce and child custody battle. N. Patterson PA understands how important your family and children are to you. I will help you every step of the way and make sure not only your divorce, but child custody is a smooth transition and fair trial.

I will walk you through each step that is necessary for you to have the best outcome from your trail. N. Patterson PA gives you preparation, negotiation, and litigation in every area of family law.

Call today to schedule an appointment with a trusted divorce attorney in Winter Park or Lake Mary, FL who serves all of Seminole and Orange County.