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A felony is the next step up from a misdemeanor. When you are convicted with a felony, the consequences are much worse than that of a misdemeanor. Felonies are divided into categories based off of the seriousness of the offense. Low-level felonies do not all require mandatory extensive jail time. Low-level felonies such as larceny or embezzlement can lead to probationary sentences such as house arrest, jail weekends or community serve.

Mid-level felonies which can include violent assaults, involuntary manslaughter, driving while impaired or robbery can lead to a more severe form of punishment. Although there are some cases which the convicted felon may be granted parole, most mid-level felony criminal law crimes result in lengthy prison time.

Now looking at high-level felonies, the consequences are the most severe. Types of high level felony criminal crimes include voluntary manslaughter, armed robbery, sexual violence or drug trafficking. These crimes offend lead to extensive jail time, sentence to life in prison or in some states death by lethal injection.

So what do you do when you are convicted with a felony? Call N. Patterson PA in the Lake Mary, Winter Park and serving Orange and Seminole County to help assist you in your criminal law case. Do not try to face a felony alone, call an experienced felony attorney today!