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Group of young activists with signsAn honest open discussion about race relations in the United States is a difficult conversation but I did not shy away from the topic. This is a multigenerational look at race relations discussing current events such as the murders of Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, and Sandra Bland. The topics discussed also include race relations between the black community and law enforcement and the portrayal of the black community in the media. I also share my personal experience growing up and experiencing racism first hand. I want to thank Lillian McDermott for being brave enough to invite me onto her show to discuss this topic with my fellow Floridians. We did not see eye to eye on every issue but I am grateful for the opportunity to be heard and I hope people are inspired by this podcast and can see it is possible to disagree and be civil as well.

An Honest Conversation About Race Relations, Winston Scott, Nina Patterson, Esq, Cornelis Blue

Girl cryingAs an attorney, zealous advocacy is always my first job. Earlier this year, headlines were made when an Osceola School Resource Officer was accused of excessive force against a minor. The incident was caught by cell phone footage. Many made up their minds about what happened. As we all know, however, there is often more to the story. Please listen below as my clients share their truth on why the events unfolded as they did that day.

Injunctions filed against girl who was slammed by deputy at Liberty High School