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Juvenile law falls under the category of criminal law although juvenile law is subject to minors under the age of 18 years old. The state takes juvenile cases very seriously as the court tries to focus on rehabilitation unlike adult crimes. Although, in some cases, the crime committed is so severe, the juvenile will be charged as an adult.

What are the steps of a juvenile crime? Once the child is arrested and taken into custody they will be taken to a juvenile assessment center. They will then follow the hearing, negotiations, trail and the verdict. This can be a very difficult time and confusing if you do not have the right people to support you. Have a trusted attorney on your side.

Always ask to have an attorney present, do not speak to anyone or give a statement without have an attorney present. N. Patterson PA is a credible juvenile criminal lawyer. Have her by your side and do not face a criminal charge alone! Serving all of Seminole and Orange County!