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Don't Let a Landlord Infringe on Your Rights

Hire a dedicated tenant attorney for help in Lake Mary or Winter Park, FL

Are you being evicted or kicked out of your home unlawfully? You aren't alone in this fight. Contact N. Patterson PA to retain an experienced tenant attorney in Winter Park or Lake Mary, FL.

Attorney Nina Patterson is a trusted landlord-tenant attorney who will fight tirelessly to uphold your rights. Let her be there for you when you need help most. Call 407-513-4010 today to schedule a consultation with a local tenant attorney.

Common defenses against eviction

In order to fight back against unfair treatment and keep your home, your landlord-tenant attorney will need to present a strong argument in defense. General defenses against eviction include:

  • Your landlord did not give you the appropriate three-day notice.
  • Your landlord did not accept the rent that you offered.
  • Your person evicting you is not the official landlord and did not have an attorney file paperwork.
  • Your landlord is evicting you out of spite for a personal grievance or disagreement.

If you are paying your rent appropriately, your rights are protected under Florida's laws. Don't let yourself be bullied out of your home. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case.